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Netflix's New Dog Training Show

29 Jan 2021 6:00 PM | Shock Free Administrator (Administrator)

Over the last 24 hours several people have reached out to PPG regarding the new Netflix Dog Training Show that will air on February 24, 2021. There is much concern about the show, the featured trainer and the methods being used.

The Pet Professional Guild has a Position Statement on Reality TV Dog Training that can be viewed on our website or using the link below

Help us to educate the pet owning community about the damaging effects of punitive pet training methods by taking a few short actions.

1. Please share this post and the Position Statement as far and wide as you can.

2. Download the Position Statement and post it across your social media platforms.

3. Sign and share this petition that has been set up, the link is below

4. Reach out to Netflix and share the science and facts supporting the use of Pet Friendly training methods.

The statement begins with ………

“In recent years, much creditable scientific study has been given to dog training and behavior modification methods and their respective efficacy and consequences. The preponderance of the evidence shown by these studies indicates that the implementation of training and/or behavior modification protocols predicated upon outdated “dominance theory” and social structures (“alpha,” or “pack leader”), usage of physical or mental force, intimidation, coercion or fear are empirically less effective and often create as a consequence “fallout” behaviors, such as fear, aggression, global suppression of behavior, or total shutdown – behaviors which may be dangerous to the human and animal involved.

Unfortunately, and to the great disservice of dogs and their owners, some of these methods – specifically corporal punishment, choke chains, prong collars, shocking with an electronic collar, leash jerks, antibark collars and verbal punishment – are often used in reality television programming. Television broadcasters are responsible for the shows they air and for putting the welfare of pets ahead of what passes as entertainment. The Pet Professional Guild, an international member organization for force-free pet trainers and behavior consultants, thus appeals to all programming organizations to re-evaluate any decision to showcase forceful, painful and aversive training methods and equipment.

Regardless of any disclaimers or warnings given for viewers not to attempt the methods displayed at home, some pet owners will undoubtedly still attempt to use them, potentially leading to situations that risk injury (either to dog, human, or both), and/or psychological damage, and/or are extremely dangerous. In addition, the nature of reality television tends to promote the misconception that there are “quick fixes” to training and behavior issues, when, in the real world, a professionally devised and applied training and/or behavior modification protocol can take weeks, months or, in the case of separation-related disorders for example, even years to implement successfully. The Pet Professional Guild thus respectfully requests television channels to replace programming that promotes aversive tools and methods immediately with competent, progressive, force-free, formally-educated, scientifically-sound trainers and/or behavior consultants”.

The statement concludes with ………

“As part of the PPG Mission we respectfully submit that showcasing training methods that use force, fear or pain are morally and ethically wrong as well as damaging to the animal, damaging to the human-animal bond, and potentially create hazards for the pet-owning public that may attempt to use such methods. Showcasing such methods creates significant danger for animals and humans and perpetuates training methods which science does not support as effective and which the Pet Professional Guild deems unethical treatment of animals”.

Petition Link

Position Statement

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