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PetSafe Shock Collars Falsely Touted as Safe, Dog Owner Alleges

25 Oct 2022 12:03 PM | Shock Free Administrator (Administrator)

There is a new legal filing in California.  It is a Class Action Against Radio Systems. 

A new Class Action case has been filed in California. The lawyer we have spoken to over the last year has finally found a member of the public with legal standing.

You can read more here as it has been picked up by Bloomberg Law. PPG is mentioned in the filing and our resources are cited.

The complete legal filing can be found here 

This is a consumer class action arising out of misrepresentations and omissions by Radio Systems in connection with its manufacture, sale, marketing, and advertising of shock collar products under the brand name PetSafe® (the “Shock Collar Products”). Shock Collar Products are devices that deliver electric shocks to household pets via a collar worn around the pets’ necks. In an effort to extract money from unsuspecting consumers concerned over the well-being of their pets,

Radio Systems manufactures, markets, distributes, and sells dozens of Shock Collar Products through its websites and nationwide retailers’ physical stores and websites, while falsely claiming that the Shock Collar Products are “safe” and “harmless” tools for preventing unwanted behaviors.

We will provide updates as they are releaed on the trial. 

This is a great huge step forwards  in the right direction

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